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Manheim Towhship High School Boys Lacrosse Association

BY-LAW Summary and Current Board/Committee Membership:

Article I (Name):  Manheim Township High School Boys Lacrosse Association

Article II (Membership):  Committee comprised of adults whose sons participate in MT High School Boys Lacrosse

Article III (Board of Directors):  Board consisting of 12 members, voted in at annual meeting, may succeed themselves

  1. Executive
    1. President:                   Matt Risser (2025)
    2. Vice President:            Coleen Parmer (2024)
    3. Secretary:                   Wendy Laubaugh (2023)
    4. Treasurer:                   Jon Hill (2025)
    5. Sargent At Arms:         Mike Palumbo (2024)
  2. Committee
    1. Fundraising:                Leslee Forman (2026)/Michele Werder (2026)
    2. Community Outreach:  Liz O'Brien (2024 & 2026)
    3. Concessions:               
    4. Freshman Coordinator  Russ Miller (2026) 
    5. Fun:                           Greta Arcudi (2024)
    6. Head Coach:               Dan Lyons
    7. Meals                         Angela Palumbo (2024)
    8. Spirit Wear:                Lauren Bowen (2025)

Article IV (Meetings):

  1. Annual Meeting - January of each fiscal year
  2. Schedule presented/approval/dictated by the board
  3. Emergency Board Meetings allowed, called by the President, minimum 3-day notice, quorum of board needed for action
  4. Executive Board Meeting, if necessary every 3 months to discuss status/future

Article V (Duties):

  1. President:  Run meetings, ex-officio member of all committees, immediate action of necessary
  2. Vice President:  Act in absence of President
  3. Secretary:  Keep legible records, minutes delivered to board prior to next meeting
  4. Treasurer:  Receive funds, keep monies, make reports/disbursements, checks (2-signatures)
  5. Sargent At Arms:  Enforce by-laws
  6. Fundraising:  Manage and overrsee fundraising process
  7. Community Outreach:  This individual coordinates monthly community service activities for the team pre-season November through February and a food drive during one night home game in-season. Serves as liaison with the partner organizations throughout the months that community service is conducted by the team.
  8. Concessions:
  9. Freshman Coordinator:
  10. Fun:
  11. Head Coach:
  12. Meals:

Article VI (Finances):

Article VII (By-Laws):  As documented, can be amended/revised/repealed by a 2/3 vote of a Board Quorum (any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors) with notice of intended change given in writing and announced at least 10 days prior.

Article VIII (Fiscal Year):  January 1 - December 31